I’m Rebekah and I live in sunny Southern California.  I’m a home-schooling mom of 4, cat owner, DIY addict, and natural health advocate.  My college nutrition professor (back in 2010) really inspired me to live a more healthy and natural life, which got me started on the vegan, DIY, and natural health path.  Also, my oldest son has had many allergies and health problems that were often not remedied by pharmaceutical prescriptions.  This further nudged me into finding natural holistic solutions. I hope you stick around with me as I go on this DIY and natural health journey.  I also am always trying to find new ways to save money, so check out my content under “Frugality” if you haven’t already.  If you like my content, please share it and subscribe to my email list (see the link below).  Also, I appreciate any feedback and comments on my blog posts. Thanks!

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