I love Shea Butter, but that’s already been established.  It’s better than any lotion or body butter.  It’s all natural and one simple ingredient. If you haven’t seen my original post about it, check it out: http://hazeleyedherbivorehomemaker.com/index.php/2017/08/14/shea-butter/  

Anyways, during the summer, I wear flip flops pretty much all the time unless I’m at the gym (I live in Southern California, so why not?).  Basically all summer long my feet are exposed to the heat and the dryness of the summer.  To make matters worse, I forget to keep them moist.   By the end of the summer they’re a dry, cracked, nasty looking mess.  Normally,  I exfoliate them with a pumice stone and then put Shea Butter on them for several nights in a row.  This summer though,  I didn’t.  I really don’t like exfoliating my feet.  I either do it too much and end up with super raw skin,  or I do it too little and have to again.  Usually both of these scenarios happen on my feet at the same time (I’m so talented).  So I have portions that are super raw and tender, and portions that are still really gnarly and dry, all on the same foot.  Such great fun.  In addition,  the cracks in my heels were really deep and bad this year (like, they were the beginnings of heel fissures), so I feared exfoliating might be too much for them.  I decided to skip the exfoliating process and go straight to the Shea Butter part.  Over a period of a month (with me forgetting to do this half the time) I put Shea Butter on my feet,  focusing on my poor heels, at bedtime.  After I applied the Shea Butter, I put socks over my feet to keep the moisture in.  What a difference it made!  It totally healed me heels,  and I never had to exfoliate! Utterly amazing! It probably would have taken 2 weeks, but, like I said earlier, only half of those nights in a month did I actually remember to put Shea Butter on.  This will be my new thing to do at summers end.  Or, better yet, hopefully next summer I remember to periodically apply Shea Butter to my feet, focusing on the heels,  so they don’t get so bad again.  



Here’s photos of my heels about 2 weeks into the Shea Butter treatment:

Here’s photos of my heels a month after beginning the Shea Butter treatment:

What an amazing difference right?  People, Shea Butter IS amazing.  I truly do love the stuff.  My personal favorite is this kind: Real Certified ORGANIC RAW SHEA BUTTER, PREMIUM Unrefined African IVORY Tan/White Color; 16.0 oz [Two 8 oz Bars] in Gold UV Protective Bag. Best Natural Moisturizer; Great for DIY Body Butters, etc.

Do your feet get super dry and cracked during the summer? Have you tried Shea Butter for dry and cracked heels?  Let me know in the comments below.  

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Written by Rebekah
I'm a vegan homeschooling mom of 4, DIY addict, & natural health advocate.